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MCMI Student Interns

Lorne Carter is a first-year student at Colby and plans on majoring in anthropology. He hopes to draw on his own extensive concussion history and exploration of masculinity with the Feminist Alliance to study the relationship between post-concussion symptom reporting and gender. His interest is in how people are sociologically influenced to handle concussion and post-concussion symptoms.

Lily Herrmann is a junior from Schenectady, New York double majoring in French Studies and Global Studies with a concentration in International Relations and Foreign Policy. Lily's research for MCMI is focused on the underreporting of concussions in collegiate athletics. On campus, Lily is also involved with Hall Staff, Student Health on Campus, the Colby Democrats, the Feminist Alliance, and Women's Rugby. 

Sara Hoffman is a member of Colby’s class of 2018.  She is a computer science major and plans to attend medical school. This project is especially interesting to her because it directly combines her major with her passion for medicine. Her work as a research assistant includes baseline and post-concussion testing for athletes and collaboration with the MCMI communications department.

Abby Johnson is a member of Colby's Class of 2018, Abby has been involved with MCMI for four years. She is now the head research assistant and is involved with overseeing all projects. She still works with the HIT data along with her brother Matt Johnson. Her time playing for a varsity team at Colby gives her a great appreciation for the importance of protecting athletes from the negative side effects of concussions. In fact, she has sustained multiple concussions herself, so she knows the damage they can do.

Erin Kempkes is a member of Colby College’s Class of 2020 and became involved with MCMI through the Presidential Scholars Program during her freshman year. Within MCMI, Erin is involved with concussion balance testing, and is specifically working on testing the validity of using varying models of the iPhone to collect balance data. She plans to double major in Psychology and Biology with a concentration in Neuroscience. Erin is excited by the opportunity to be involved in research with important, real-world applications and looks forward to continuing her work for MCMI throughout her time at Colby.

Erin Maidman is a Colby junior double majoring in mathematics and philosophy. She got started with MCMI through the Presidential Scholar Program in her first year. As a third-year research assistant, Erin intends to continue her research on the correlation between menstrual phase cycle and susceptibility of concussion, working with HIT data, and planning the year’s Colby Concussion Awareness Week. Erin values working for MCMI because, as a former ski racer, she has witnessed firsthand the effects of sports-related concussions within her community. She looks forward to conducting research aimed at understanding and reducing this impact.

Anna Ramsey is a member of the Colby College class of 2018 and became involved with MCMI during her junior year. Anna is a biology major and environmental science minor and hopes to attend physician assistant school after graduating from Colby. Her work as a research assistant includes baseline and post-concussion testing for athletes as well as supporting the work of the other teams. 

Adithya Shastry is a first-year student at Colby College and plans on majoring in biomedical engineering. During high school, he created ShastryNation, a science-based YouTube channel and the charity Code2donate.  His passion, he says, is to advance social causes in more meaningful ways using new frontiers of technology. He aspires to become a medical professional with an interest in nature’s elucidations along with advances in technology and modern medicine to promote a healthier society.

Isabel Ward, Colby College’s class of 2021, is interested in public health and is considering a major in Psychology with a concentration in Neuroscience and a minor in Italian Studies. Isabel is involved with baseline balance testing and MCMI communications, and she plans on continuing to support the other research projects and learn more about the important implications of concussion research.

Xiaoyue (Mike) Zheng is a member of Colby College’s Class of 2020. He became involved with MCMI through the Presidential Scholars Program during his freshman year. Mike is a biology (neuroscience concentration) and computer science double major. Within MCMI, he is working on redesigning and developing the balance testing app. He is interested in using computer science tools to facilitate biology research and promote health.

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